The Point We Make.

I’m delighted to share myself with the firefly-like world of screen-gazing eyes. That is, the opinionated part of me, a part that I’m often inclined to let go of when conformism gets the best out of me.

Rather than rants and negative feelings, you can expect insights with an open invitation to read, think, process and join the conversation.

My opinions cover most of the things in life. From learning how to learn and understanding the human behavior to gender roles, parenthood, the rat race or the crab mentality. Or, my favorite, mindless living.

Influenced by people who often take the time to put knowledge into the world, I aspire to reach the same point of meaningful contribution. We all make a point in life, but it’s much more beautiful when the dots are turned into commas by people who share and understand, and the Idea lives on.