Stop. Think. Act.

‘Let’s just stop and think for a second’ says Alex in the middle of an intense conversation. Was Alex being rude or were they being helpful?

Firstly, only Alex can know the intention behind the words, but what can Alex’s counterpart take from this breather sentence?

a. ‘Are you saying I’m not thinking?’ (aka. you belittle me)

b. ‘Are you saying I should pause and think?’ (aka. I was mindlessly going through life, maybe…I should stop and think.)

There is only that much that people around us can do to help or to digress us from the path of our ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. There are infinitely more options within us. Clinging onto negatives or acting on the positives is just a brief way of putting it.

Through all intricacies of life, stop and think. Action might become more evident if we do that for a second.