The Belief You Build, Builds You.

Filling the gap of knowledge between what we don’t know and what we want to achieve happens under one condition: flexibility.

A fixed mindset takes no prisoners. It does not accept an alternative reality, nor does it question the present. It consumes ideas from the same spectrum, whilst non-familiar thoughts fall through.

But flexibility in thinking is not an inborn feature of our minds. The more certain we are about particular aspects of life, the higher the prevalence to cement those beliefs into a casket that weighs heavy on us.

The trick is that beliefs come in layers. A fixed mindset is to stop after the first layer and claim that you’ve seen it all, you know it all and your judgement cannot be questioned. A flexible mindset uses previous beliefs to deepen understanding of life and people and to expand the knowledge into a system of beliefs.

The one certainty is that there is no ultimate belief, just as there is not a point in life where we can stop and say hand on heart ‘This is me, this is as much as I can grow and change. This is where I stop’. And carry on living.