Empowering Beliefs.

An exercise that I came across recently proposed by Tony Robbins left me blank.

I could not think of any of the beliefs I’d held my entire life, such as ‘If I start watching a Netflix series I won’t stop until I reach the end of the season’. You might think it’s brutal to say that this, my friend, is not and empowering belief. It is simply a loop of giving yourself, your time, to a feeling of initial thrills followed by numbness. And we wait for the next peak moment of the story to make us feel again.

‘If I start reading a book I won’t stop until I finish reading it’ sounds more like a sound, empowering belief. Doing what’s easy once again proves to be on the negative scale of impact, the one of disempowering beliefs. What are your empowering beliefs?

Published by

Andreea Tudosa

On a journey to overcome imposed limitations. Working on self-growth to give myself a real chance in fulfilling my dreams and writing as I go along. Imagining worlds that hold a deeper meaning.

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