Light Conversation.

The quality of the conversation between close-knit people reflects their understanding of the world.

Travelling within the same culture revealed some strange commonalities between people that are likely to have never met:

  • identical ‘inside jokes’
  • identical choice of words
  • similar manners

This got me thinking, what do all these people have in common apart from the culture and language? A strong influencer in my opinion is The Media. Not only late shows, but also the advertising breaks that rob people of a better, different identity. What’s striking is that people’s understanding of ‘funny’ is what they were told repeatedly that is funny. No one is laughing at the sound of repetitive expressions – at best they fake-smile. But for the ‘joke instigator’ the habit overpowers the logic. The habit might not bring pleasure, but it takes away the pain of ‘coming up’ with a powerful statement and keeping it to yourself, without considering the pain inflicted on others.

Is it too bold to say: ‘Advertisement makes mindless humor popular’ ?