Environmental Behavior.

The spaces we enter determine and control how we behave – be it a museum, a concert hall, nightclub or a relative’s house. When that happens, we either lose coherence or we add value to our lives. We sit taller, we smile more, we have more energy. Maybe we relax more, but we then fall into self-neglect. Laziness, lack of structure, low interest.

Changing the neuro-associations that don’t serve us well begins with observation. Observing our surroundings. What works and what doesn’t. How much of our lives is ‘predetermined’, how much do we control and in what environment? How much do we rely on ourselves to fix things?

We are the builders of our worlds and the decorators of the spaces we walk-in. If we let others dictate our surroundings and our behaviors, there is little left to take pride on as people and we become bystanders of our own lives.

Build the environment that enables you to live life at your full potential.

Published by

Andreea Tudosa

On a journey to overcome imposed limitations. Working on self-growth to give myself a real chance in fulfilling my dreams and writing as I go along. Imagining worlds that hold a deeper meaning.

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