Rejecting New Ideas & Locking Ourselves in the Present Past

We wish for change and stability. Change that doesn’t involve:

  • changing ourselves
  • reevaluating our own set of beliefs, or even
  • reaching out for new ideas

The present is a gift that needs unwrapping. Do we keep our senses heightened to experience what is happening in the now? Or do we allow ourselves to go through auto-pilot, a hibernative state in which the grass dies, relationships fade and we lose our sense of self, our identity?

The worse part about auto-pilot mode, other than the lack of awareness, is that the script was written by anyone but us. And yet we don’t take the time to observe, evaluate and upgrade it.

When confronting new ideas with a strong feeling of disapproval we have to ask ourselves what is the source of our beliefs. What is keeping us ‘here’, in this state of mind and for how long have we been ‘here’? Chances are our present belongs far away in the past.

Why Herds Are Overrated. Time to Think is Now.

Human herds helped us get so far. We did things together: hunting, raising our children and educating them, creating values and standards, laws and boundaries.

Boundaries. A territorial expression that marks someone’s possessions – mine. We then started to grow as individuals, put up fences, shut down people, ghost our dates and feel compressed by the walls of our own limitations, whilst the herd is thriving, travelling and expanding.

But we stopped living through the herd. We want to grow individually. Let’s have a look around at the people who happen to be in our proximity. How much do we identify with them and how much space should we allow them to take in our lives?