Conditional Loving and Selfishness

I recently came across terminology to name unconditional love as expressed by Dr Shefali on Impact Theory under the name of ‘high love’.

High love is aspirational. Is being able to cultivate a feeling beyond all the personal wants – reassurance, attachment, recognition, love, respect. High love is being able to love another without conditioning them to a certain type of behavior or pretending reciprocity.

“It’s narcissistic to think that we can raise another being when we haven’t raised ourselves.”

Dr Shefali

Dr Shefali’s views on parenting go beyond the norm. From the relationships with our own parents and understanding their parenting strategies to working on ourselves as children of parents and potential parents of children, she deconstructs the world of species reproduction as we know it.

Understanding that we don’t have an innate aptitude to parent is a concept that’s not easy for everyone to grasp. Yet many people feel unprepared. The good news is that there is hope. There is work we can do on ourselves and skills that we can grow to have lasting impact on generations to come. As it turns out, being a parent and a child of any age is a real job.