Part I: How Do We Prepare for The World?

The world as we know it reveals itself the way it was described to us by the educators we encountered during our upbringing. People act as if they know more about life and they often do, they know more than they can convey in a constructive manner.

The words and actions we share with the young people in our community impacts them. The impact can be uplifting or jeopardizing. A good example is sharing views about politics (sensitive topic for many), not just national politics but, let’s say, politics of employment or politics of achievement.

Exhibit A:

‘You need connections to get there’ is a dead end if you weren’t born with connections.

Exhibit B:

‘You can build your way up’ reflects work and commitment preceding success.

We often let our emotions come in the way of educating the less experienced. This inevitably expands boundaries unique to an individual to another being that did not have the same lived experience, but behave as if the did.

My answer to preparing for the world is – you don’t. You heighten your senses, live life mindfully and take actions that lead to a life of purpose. And there is only that much that people around us can do to train us without taking over our views.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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