A Work Kitchen Conversation on Implementing the Millionaires’ Ban

Politics is a dreadful topic. People with no power discuss passionately as if the world revolves around their beliefs and yet they do nothing to make a difference. Health, roads, education, taxes, rubbish collection & recycling, you name it.

The debate that I bumped into during lunchtime revolved around the rich paying taxes on income and not on wealth, which Patrick Collinson from The Guardian does a great job explaining.

The conversation then took an unexpected turn with the statement ‘We should ban millionaires’. I don’t quite agree with it. Do I think that people should start with nothing, race and let the best woman win? Hell yeah!

Self-made millionaires give back to the society. They don’t just give back, they help rebuild the society. Some people that I admire – Bill & Melinda Gates, Tony Robbins, Lori Greiner, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, to name a few – built themselves up and took the world up with them.

If you choose to believe that the world belongs to the unkind, the selfish and the self-indulged, you stand no chance to make a difference and maintain your integrity. Even more, you condemn yourself through your kindness to an average life.

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