Like It or Not, You’re Most Likely a Teacher.

How would you like to see the world? In shades of red, curves or corners, kind or selfish? The option is yours. To better understand that this is not just some motivational gibberish, think about the props in your life that enabled you to live your ‘normal’.

Having dessert after dinner. Enjoying a glass of wine. Buy a car when you can take the bus. Smoking, joking, cursing, dancing, playing sports. They’re all things that someone taught you just by showing them to you.

He pointed out that everyone who comes into contact with a child is a teacher who incessantly describes the world to him, until the moment when the child is capable of perceiving the world as it is described.

‘Journey to Ixtlan’ by Carlos Castaneda

Beyond our ability to see the world as it is described to us, we have the superpower to invent our own take on life. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what is possible, prove it yourself!