The ‘Noblesse’ of Female Virginity

What does virginity mean to you?

Yes, what does it still mean to you? You mind find yourself in a role of educating or advising others or perhaps you need to educate yourself first. We could all really use more education in the area.

Female Body Virginity

Sophia Jones from Marie Claire recently published an article called ‘A Test With No Answer’ which refers to the non-scientific sexual health examinations that young girls are being subjected to by their parents. The examination looks at the integrity of the hymen which is not a biological given for everyone and can get deteriorated in other ways, not just through sexual intercourse. Both the reasoning behind it and the test itself are primitive.

THE Reason

There is a strong perception (still) that women need to be ‘pure’ (whatever that means) when they give themselves to a man in marriage (HEELLOOO?).

Although we are past the days of drinking virgins’ blood, we still associate a superior status to a virgin woman. The purity can mean staying clear from STDs, which understandably any parent wants for their child. That and unwanted pregnancies.

We treat teenagers and early teens as pets that need training through punishment and reward. We treat them as grownups when it suits us and take away their autonomy when we (parents) let our insecurities kick in. I might have confused you there, I am not speaking from the experience of a parent. I am speaking from the experience of a not-so-long-ago-teenager.

Perhaps is time to understand that the life we create is not ours, it has a life of its own.


Check out ‘What Is the Hymen, Exactly’ by Sophia Jones

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