The Fear of Failure

‘If you don’t try, you fail by default’.

Seth Godin

I wish we were more often asked to try new things than to ‘stay out of this one’. But wishful thinking doesn’t change who we are. Gaining awareness of this structural weakness in our personality can be the first step to make a change.

I’ve found it useful to make a list of what I will lose if I let myself beaten down by self-doubt.

Some things on my list that risk not happening if I hold back?

  • Becoming a self-published author
  • Being a business owner
  • Create an NGO that gives shelter and education to children all across the world
  • Being the partner & friend that I can be

And, of course, the feelings that would take over my life if I don’t try:

  • anger
  • failure
  • depression
  • weakness

That’s what I’m walking away from. What is your biggest nightmare?