The Glamorous Club of Procrastinators

It used to be easier when I didn’t know the word that describes not getting things done. Then procrastination showed up and somehow it became exquisite, an exclusive club of fake luxury and hidden misery.

Using procrastination as a descriptive of an activity takes away the guild.

‘What were you up to today?’

‘Oh, I had to file in this paper, but I procrastinated instead.’

This example illustrates that procrastination is a choice, which I believe is a benefit of having the word itself. Once we are aware of an issue, we can fix it, right?

But the sisterly/brotherly Fast and Furious ‘family’ approach to procrastination makes us think that that’s okay just because we surround ourselves with people alike.

The takeaway is that we can reinforce negative patterns by bringing reassurance people into our lives that we then call friends. Breaking up with friends is a whole different story, but it can often meaning breaking away from the negative habit and replace it with a positive one.