Work Stress: When the Employer Thinks They’re Getting More of You

Stress has its way around the human mind and body. And then when you’re stressing about taking time off to deal with that build-up of stress, things can only grow in complexity.

‘The Employer’ should not be seen as the business owner or the CEO. ‘The Employer’ is often-times people who get a few more pennies in their bank account than you, have a few more opinions than you which they tend to express a bit too often in not too nice of a way.

When the aforementioned employer thinks they get more of you, what they do get is more of the less of you. Less of you means less interest, less focus, less clarity to make things work. Less reasons to smile and less empathy for the people around you.

Stress might go unseen, but it won’t go unfelt. Look after yourself when others don’t know or care to know how to.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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