Choosing Yourself Over… Well, Everything Else?

Seth Godin often speaks about how we, as a society, are suffering from the ‘pick me syndrome’.

The pick me syndrome is not just about pick me to be successful, notice me etc. It’s also about that need to receive reassurance and care from the close ones. Sometimes they are not in a position to give.

We must become self-reliant and choose ourselves. Choose what works best to make ourselves happy and which therefor will impact the people around us. We must choose ourselves and learn about how to communicate it. Sometimes people hear only the part of the decision that impacts them and not the person making the decision. That in a relationship is a loss from which it can be challenging to regroup.

The ‘choosing myself culture’ starts with you. Set the standard and you might harvest happiness that it’s not a given, but taken.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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