Women’s Health, Why the Shyness?

As grown-ups who are legally allowed to see people of the opposite gender naked, we still seem to have strong boundaries when it comes to gender specific issues.

The environment I’m in at the moment protects men from any exposure towards, let’s say, the period talk or the contraception talk. We’re behaving as if it’s not in everyone’s interest to get our health in check, regardless if it’s specific to a gender.

I can equally say that I haven’t overheard conversations about prostate checks or vasectomies. I am grateful to have access to the instant YouTube education where people in all shapes share their experiences without leaving out a potential audience – let’s say men or women just because we need to preserve a myth.

For how much longer will we pretend that women don’t bleed, that some are in incredible amounts of pain on a monthly basis and that sanitary products are still seen as luxurious vagina tiaras?

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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