To the Spring in Our Steps.

Come back.

There are days when my best self is a distant memory. When hopping and smiling just doesn’t work. I can’t be the only one. We see people trapped in a constant crabby state, people that become that emotion that dominates their lives – grumpy, bored, not interested, short-tempered.

There is always fear inside me that those people who look like sculptures of negativity reached this level of dissatisfaction by putting their guard down: frowning instead of smiling, dragging their legs instead of joyfully skipping, snapping instead of being kind.

It’s easy for a ‘one off’ to turn into a permanent state of mind, particularly since the people around you have already let themselves down. But we must persist and bring the spring in our steps back.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


Published by

Andreea Tudosa

On a journey to overcome imposed limitations. Working on self-growth to give myself a real chance in fulfilling my dreams and writing as I go along. Imagining worlds that hold a deeper meaning.

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