Singing Softly to Send Across Strong Points

The conditions of a solitary bird are five:

The first, that it flies to the highest point;

the second, that it does not suffer for company, not even of its own kind;

the third, that it aims its beak to the skies;

the fourth, that it does not have a definite color;

the fifth, that it sings very softly.

Carlos Castaneda

The lack of power can generate snappy reactions which harm relationships and people and are non-engaging. Raising our voice is a sign of weakness. The argument is lost the moment that happens because the person raising their voice lost control over their own body.

It is a true art to make people listen and at times the louder we shout the less people understand us. We have self-defense mechanisms that are triggered subconsciously and having someone being verbally aggressive takes us away from the source of the problem, towards the manifestation of it.

Singing very softly things that might be hurtful takes the emphasis from the problem and moves it on the solution. If we focus on the problem we will get a better understanding of the problem itself, while if we focus on the solution we will find a way out.

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