How to Reduce Your Stress Levels at Work

Managing stress at work is our responsibility. We can get lost in the heaviness of mindless work or pause, take a 5-10 minutes break and reset your focus.


  • take time to meditate/quiet time
  • use the bathroom break to do some stretching
  • stand up and walk to the window if you have an office job
  • stand up when you take a phone call

Most importantly – remove yourself from stressful situations or confrontational conversations. People who are trying to take away the calm and seed anxiety are not worth the time investment. Ask them to send an email.

You might think that all these actions will only distract you from your work or that you will be seen as weak. But if you have a clear head you will be twice as effective. Living a conscious life takes time. So take the time you need to improve your life and to look after your wellbeing.

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