Congrats, You’re an Auncle! What changed?

Parenthood is a fascinating topic. Without children of my own, I filter any information, studies or comments on parenthood through my experience as a child and more recently through the experience of being an auntie.

The Unknowns of Parenthood. Auncle Edition.

Parents can have a difficult time adjusting to the new beings they’ve brought into the world. Auncles (aunties and uncles) don’t have the luxury of displaying difficulty. They’re not sleep deprived, worried and anxious all the time because of this being that they’re responsible for on the clock. And yet relationships, family dynamics and expectations change.

So what are the challenges:

  • getting comfortable (from holding the baby, feeding and changing nappies to family dynamics and difficult conversations)
  • knowing what is asked of you as an ‘occasional support partner’ or entertainment factory
  • understanding how much of being you is the right dose before being told off by the parents
  • growing a relationship with the niblings (niece or nephew) that stands on its own
  • nurturing the existing relationship with the parents
  • taking a step back when things are not within your control
  • decide how much of ‘that’ life is ‘your’ life

Are you aware of different elements that form your journey as an auncle? If so, did I miss any?