The Online Privacy Dilemma

Are you in the business of sharing your learning, skills and experience online or you want to make a start in branding yourself? No, this is not an ad. It’s the start of a conversation.

First and foremost, prepare to be judged. Everyone has an opinion about the ‘internet wealthy’ and their influence under the umbrella of what is considered valuable and what not.

Let’s have a look at what valuable contribution is and how much of you should you put out there.

What Is Valuable Contribution?

I could share with you what I see value in, but that’s beyond point. Valuable contribution can be marked at an individual level or at a world wide scale. We all want to have a greater impact, but what we’ve got off the bat is the ability to touch individuals with our lives.

Is there value in sharing make-up tutorials, hot bodies and pancake recipes? I would argue that it is. What I cherish may differ from what you cherish in life – and that’s where we can say that we have different values and preferences. So don’t expect everyone to share your views.

How Much of You Should You Expose?

Being genuine on the internet, may it be while blogging, vlogging, tweeting or instagraming, is an advantage. Being genuine doesn’t mean that you can’t be selective. If you go on a date with a stranger you will likely focus on presenting your strengths to earn their trust and then a few dates later ease into the challenges of your personality and how to grow into being a better you.

A good idea might be to build up a good rapport with your audience. Prepare them for learning non-judgmentally from your experience. Being part of an online ‘pack’ gives you a support network that empowers you to go in recognition of new territory (learnings) and come back and report your findings. This takes trust and trust is built through vulnerability.

How much of yourself would you be willing to share?