Say Yes to Adventure: Pick Up New Skills.

We tend to be hard on ourselves when we are thinking of embarking into a new adventure. By setting the expectations unrealistically high we build fear that results in pain. This feeling tells our brain that we need protecting. What happens next is procrastination, guilt and lack of self-respect.

Our brain will do anything to prevent us from (perceived) suffering and this includes keeping us away from our dreams.

How to Be Kind to Yourself & Follow Your Dreams

  1. Don’t let your mind to guide you once you’ve decided that it’s safe to try something new, maximize your level of curiosity instead.
  2. Allow yourself to learn the basics, master them and then build on them.
  3. Understand that learning the basics will take longer than building up the knowledge.

Being kind to yourself means appreciating your ability to learn new things and to expand your views. Appreciate how brave you are to break your routine and dare to live. Be curious, put yourself out there and give yourself time to get better and master the basics. Once that’s done you can only build up.