One Tactic to Make Yourself Likeable

Perception plays a great role in the relationships we form. Clicking with someone might not always come as naturally as it looks. People try consciously mirroring the other person’s body language or smiling a lot.

They’re all good efforts but there’s one thing that can save us a lot of trouble.

Genuinely Liking People

Evidence shows that the most popular children in school are not the best looking ones or the rich ones. They’re the children who actually like other people.

If we question why we like or dislike people, what is the rational behind it? Why do we give up headspace to let in judgmental thoughts take over? Is it so we can make ourselves feel better by comparing ourselves with other people? Is it to protect ourselves from potential rejection? Is it fear?

You can identify your ‘Why’ by trying to catch the thoughts in action.

Stop. Think. Assess.

You might be missing out on parts of the reality that can add value to your life while indulging in shallow criticism of others. Are you happy with the trade?

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