How to Avoid Anxiety-Provoking Online Interactions

Our attention is constantly engaged and social media can easily take a huge chunk out of it.

How to avoid other people’s negative influence?

  1. Just like in real life, be selective. Is now always easy to say no, but it does get easier with time, particularly when you realize how much more you can get from your time.
  2. Avoid the people with a negative mindset. This can happen on DM or while scrolling through the comments of a post you found inspiring. Chances are that you won’t change someone’s mind, but you might feel tension. This doesn’t work in your advantage.
  3. Turn off notifications. Allow yourself to be engaged in conversations when you’re up for it. People don’t just come over uninvited. Why would you allow them to do that through your device?

We all have our fair share of situations that we need to manage with love and grace. Preserve your energy for people you love or actually care about. Loving others is so much easier when you get love in return.