Quiet the Negative Voice

A person’s level of success is deeply rooted in their belief that they can or cannot achieve their goals, face their fears – that they are worthy of success.

Fear is probably one of the most dangerous manifestations of love and self-love. It isn’t the fear of getting eaten by a tiger, but the fear that you’ll say the wrong thing, the fear that your child will fall and injure themselves, the fear of failure.

I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that failure is part of the process of manufacturing success. Being afraid of failure is being afraid of succeeding.

So go ahead – twist your self-talk vocabulary into positives. Do it through replacing the word entirely. For example ‘I’m afraid’ will be ‘I’m brave’ rather than ‘I’m not afraid’ as our brains would still process this as ‘I’m afraid’.

Be brave and claim what is rightfully yours – your right to be magnificent.