Boxing Irrelevant Memories into the Unknown & Clearing Headspace

When we think about compartmentalizing information it must be a negative experience that we want to discard of, right? Not quite. Unnecessary information is just as damaging.

Have you ever noticed how people walking on the street or relaxing by the pool speak to someone in their own mind? Repeating in our mind circumstances that caught us off-guard is detrimental. What are the chances of meeting with the exact same circumstances and that our conversation partner will give us the same lines? I dare to say – close to 0.

A technique I use successfully when winding down is to recognize when uninvited thoughts want to take over my day and crumple them into paper snowballs. I then throw them far away into the back of my mind. They sometimes crawl back into the present moment, but it’s easier to recognize them a second time and throw them away until they become insignificant.

If you are allowing past experiences take your headspace in the now, give it a try. Optimize your mind to nurture thoughts that bring value. Clear space for mindful living. You’d be surprised of how far you can aim in keeping useless facts and memories away: identify – crumple – throw.