Time. How Boundaries Preserve Identities and Relationships

A long-lasting believe that I had was that a lack of boundaries means transparency. It may refer to sharing your phone security code with close one(s), sharing every detail of a conversation or thoughts that are private and I haven’t quite figure out.

The more I step into adulthood, the more I come to realize that boundaries are needed to keep people and relationships healthy. A great example is the concept of time and how many people think they can claim ownership of it.

Time is the only resource we can’t get back or buy more of. We are all equals in this particular resource. What differs is how we use it. Saying ‘no’ to remarks such as ‘it’s not like you’ve got anything better to do’ or ‘you’re free anyway’ will be worth the exercise when we replace those forced interactions with time to grow, time to be for ourselves and not for others.

Give yourself time to understand yourself. Self-sacrifice will inevitably lead to frustration – so set the boundary. Set availability for human interactions and for meetings/nights out and make sure that when you do gift your time away you’re in good company.