Habit Stacking: the Magical Shortcut to Healthy Habits

Habit stacking is a technique that works great as long as we have a primary habit that’s strong enough to stack other habits on. For instance, if we tend to have dinner at the same time, we can stack on it the habit of taking a walk. After we’ve built a strong connection between the two habits, we can stack some more –> shower –> read ->> go to sleep

This means that even if we don’t have dinner on the dot every day, we can still comply by shortening the consequent activities. If we decide to do intermittent fasting and skip dinner, going for a walk will become the new anchor habit.

The main habit needs to be grounded within us so strongly that we don’t allow ourselves to have second thoughts about it, which is what makes morning habits and early rising a challenge for many of us.

Here’s some great practical advice on early rising from fellow blogger Steve Pavlina: https://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/05/how-to-become-an-early-riser/