All Year Round Kindness Begins Now

Being kind has great benefits in all areas of life. Before we dive in, is important to look at the source of unkindness. It can be that we don’t like a person or the way we feel around them, the fact that we had a long day or simply that we don’t have the time to be kind. But being kind is not only up to us, it is about us.

Positive Self-Talk

Building a positive relationship with ourselves and training our inner voice to lift us up reflects in our relationships with others. We tend to bring people up with us if we’re feeling good about ourselves. What’s inside us always gets out. It can be in a burst of negativity or through discreet passive aggressive remarks.

Where to Start?

Catch yourself doing in the moment when you’re being unkind to yourself and change the inner conversation.

Here are some good examples of positive self-talk:

‘I’ll get it right next time’

‘I’ve got this’

I can make it happen’

‘I’m one step closer to success’

How to Be Kind to People

Treat everyone with equal kindness – your mom, your child, your nemesis, your ex.

How? Give voice to the thoughts you’ve already practiced:

‘I’ll get it right next time’

‘I’ve got this’

I can make it happen’

‘I’m one step closer to success’

Most importantly, don’t allow yourself to like or not to like someone. All that really does is differentiating between people based on criteria that I know I never really thought about. Preserve your energy for doing good and make positive thinking a full-time commitment.

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