How Gossiping Does Everyone a Disservice

Gossiping is a paradoxical form of communication. It often involves a secret or a detail that is known to a limited amount of people that is further shared with people from the inner circle. One inner circle to another, the information becomes public knowledge.

How does gossiping sabotage our existence?

  1. Energy loss. We put energy into an idea over which we have no control and which brings no value to our life. This brings a feeling of emptiness that more gossiping cannot fill.
  2. Time loss. Instead of bonding with people over things that can help us grow, we use the time to discuss other people.
  3. The balance of the universe always finds a way. Words are a powerful tool of manifestation, used on ourselves or others. Gossiping tends to add emotions from the negative spectrum – envy, hatred, pity. Every thought put in the universe reflects back on us.

Here’s a great exercise: when thinking of sharing ideas or experiences of other people that are not yours to share, stop yourself in the tracks. Set yourself free from this habit, one gossipy thought at a time.