Small Successes Compounding ‘the’ Ultimate Success

The phenomenon of ‘overnight successes’ was something I was willing to believe in, not so long ago. This was giving me a strong excuse not the pursue my dreams because I could not imagine a road from where I was to where I wanted to be. So then magic or unexplained occurrences in patterns of life fit in perfectly with my then-idea of success.

After reading self-help books on learning and exposing myself to ideas of growth, I now understand that success is the reflection of years of work on ourselves. We might not get a pat on the back every time we make progress, but every additional income, every walk with confidence, business idea, feeling of self-appreciation in the present moment took years to be built.

Overnight success? Sure! Overnight unrecognized small successes that rolled over into the perception of one great achievement.

Published by

Andreea Tudosa

On a journey to overcome imposed limitations. Working on self-growth to give myself a real chance in fulfilling my dreams and writing as I go along. Imagining worlds that hold a deeper meaning.

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