The Irrational Fear of Success

Photo by Edu Lauton

When I take time to analyse my plans in an unhelpful way (negative self-talk) fear of success shows up. Unlike fear of failure, the fear of success is absurd in thinking that we’re not worthy of success. We’ve turned the notions of success and failure into abstract terms so much so that we believe we shouldn’t touch them. That we should walk through life feeling nothing, numbing our emotions and hoping for the best. Emotions that failure and success make living worth while.

Fear is the anticipations of emotions. We don’t think about how are we going to manage love when we meet it. But we do fear emotions when we put deliberate efforts into something. We fear separation because we’re working towards togetherness and we fear failure because we work towards success. We fear success because this means that we are worth more than we are made to believe from a young age.

Fear is a friend with good intentions but poor technique. Is a friend who can be taught that it’s safe to fail and it’s safe to succeed. It’s safe to become more of yourself, to have abundance and joy. To have more of life.