The Good News Conversations

Photo by Allie Smith

Imagine you only have today. What would you say to every single person you meet? What do you want to be remembered by?

I’ve only recently recognized the power of putting positive events at the forefront of my mind and of my conversations. It does exactly what you’d expect it to do: it changes perceptions. It changes how you feel about yourself and how other people perceive you. The way other people perceive you also impacts how you feel about yourself.

Sharing good news lifts spirits up. This doesn’t mean that negative experiences should be dealt with quietly. We can share negative experiences with friends just to feel like we belong, to reassure them that we don’t have it all together. That does everyone a disservice. Asking for advice from people who are in a position to give it or who can support you towards a resolution is valuable.

Share good news instead of bad news and people will come bringing good news to you.