Society: Responsibility and Privileges

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to belonging to a community, may it be related to feelings of belonging, financial security, police on the streets and feeling safe or access to health support – they all compound what a normal life looks like.

These elements are not a given. They are made possible by people who took responsibility and built the privilege of our now normal. But there is always room for improvement and for adapting the system to our needs. Even taking small action, such as recycling or drawing attention to local issues, turns the monster into a personalizable machine that does what it’s told.

Throughout my teenage years I came to view society as a blood-sucking leech. It took a lot of self-improvement to understand that the system we are a part of are our partial reflection. Live the privilege, take the responsibility. Rebuild society until it resembles to something positive you recognise within yourself.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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