When the Lights Are Off but Your Mind Is Lighting Ideas

Photo by Aaron Burden

Have you ever experienced feeling tired, yet you put your head on the pillow and you can’t seem to stop thinking and producing great ideas? Even more, you come up with a solution and you see it so clearly that you think it will be just as obvious for you when you wake up?

Finding ways to relax your mind allows you to harvest ideas that a busy mind cannot produce. Going to sleep is the end-circle in the day: we reset, we allow ourselves to be free from mundane commitments. Without an influx of information being thrown at us, our brain makes sense of events that happened throughout the day and expresses ideas of its own – of our own.

Take a second and allow yourself to discover the power that’s within you. Ask the right question and the answer will reveal itself. It might be handy to have a notebook and a pencil nearby.