The Misconception of First Time Successes

Photo by Irina Iriser

We allow ourselves to learn through repetition so many things, but when it comes to working towards a project we hope that if we work hard enough we can get it right the first time. Some people do and many people know that they can improve on that, and yet we write and perfect one paper that we need to turn in, we plan one project, we are looking for the one good photograph.

Self-editing our work does wonders, as does completing a project more than once. I grew up in the ‘work for the grade’ mindset of the education system and I learnt how to try to live up to standards that are so high that I’m afraid to follow through with my work. If that’s you, you’ve got this!

The cost of education is not only time and money, but also attempts and errors. Make a start on that new project, commit to growing that skill, walk towards your goal. That will make you stronger, faster and more determined than ever!