The Teachings of a Bad Book

Photo by Christin Hume

Bad books are more generous with information than good books are. They give the reader the mechanics that keeps the fictional universe to a standard of coherence that was set by our perceived reality.

Are you half-way through reading a book and you’ve lost interest? Ask yourself what elements of the book turned it into a painful experience rather than a pleasurable one.

Is it the plot? The characters that flattened inconsolably or out of contrary, the cousin coming back from the dead at a point in the novel when the convention wasn’t set to expect such a twist.

It’s not just structural information that a bad book gives away, but also the thinking process of the author. It is a more intimate experience when a book deconstructs itself in front of you, leaving its author standing naked from words and structures, in the most human way possible. Pick up a book and don’t worry if it’s a bestseller or not – they all serve a purpose.

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