self-Doubt and Doubting Intentions

Photo by Katrina

We oftentimes believe that we’re doing a great job in wrapping ourselves in a shiny display of perfection until we break down at the smallest comment. More than a misplaced statements, what these reactions reveal are our biggest fears, doubts and challenges.

After soothing the wound it’s important to understand the cause. Why do we hold ourselves to standards that we are capable of achieving, without acknowledging the processes behind? For it’s clearly the fear of failure. As much as I write and talk about failure being part of success, it takes careful inner work to actually embrace it.

Adopt a practice that reminds you that you are worthy of success and capable of achieving great things. Surround yourself by people who can see you being your vulnerable self and carry on believing that you can achieving everything you set your mind to. Once the emotions are tucked in for serene sleep, analyse the situation: where do you want to go and what will take you there? Who can help you along the way and where do you have to do cut downs?

The more time you invest in planning, the less time will fear and self-doubt have to manifest itself.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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