Give Yourself Space

Photo by Brooke Lark

Our living conditions have a great impact on our productivity. Living in a time when we take power from material possessions endangers our personal space – because where else will you store all those not-so-useful yet trendy items you own?

Make a habit of giving away things once a week. Start with what you don’t need. This might clear up space for other changes and clear up your mind for clarity of thinking.

Giving away useless objects starts the process of internalized order. The purpose of designing your own environment is to lift you from a state of comfort into a state of productivity.

As you eliminate things you were holding on to, clear your thoughts of any debris. Any little comments, negative feedback or inconsiderate remarks. We make a start in life with little things of our own and the aim is to accumulate insight and experience rather than objects that bury our soul under the weight of the visible.