How to Get What You Want

Photo by Tobias Tullius

To get what you want you first have to believe that you are worthy of it and then you need to be brave enough to ask for it.

We all are generous people, but the truth is that we do things more easily when we see what’s in for us. If there is something that you want that needs to be facilitated by another person, think about the value their actions would bring to themselves – as a human being or as a company.

We are worthy of success and taking advantage of other people won’t create a better life for you. Be honest in what you want. Sometimes just being happier around people might be a great incentive for those around you to support you. If selfishness is not the only attribute guiding you, you will be surprised at the level of support you will receive.

Getting what you want is directly connected to adding value into the world. We are all in a search of meaning and when it comes to building meaning ourselves we first need to believe in ourselves.