Taking Chances

Photo by Clark Young

It is not all that risky. Missing out on opportunities because of how we might feel as a result of them is what it sounds like: a missed opportunity. Opportunities are not only to succeed are fail, they’re opportunities to learn.

Have you ever wanted to do something badly and then concluded that you don’t have enough time to perfect it? And by time, I don’t mean a full day, but years of progress. Except that when we are harsh on ourselves we think in the now. We see that we couldn’t finish a puzzle in a day or learn a language in a week and we assume that this is it – the more we try, the more we set ourselves up to failure.

Wrong. The more we try, the higher the chances of success. Take a chance and persist. Don’t stop until you reach the outcome you wanted. Let time, failure and effort work in your favor.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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