The Power of What You Can’t Control

Photo by Dan Gold

I’ve let peace settle in today in a situation that usually would cause me annoyance, to say the least. It wasn’t a day any different that yesterday or the day before, and yet I had the ability to look at the beginning of an emotion and smile.

This incredible superpower came unexpectedly but looking back I can appreciate actions I took to build myself up for that moment. Here are some things that come into mind:

  • affirmations of self-worth (many reactions are cause by our own insecurities)
  • reading on Mindset (by Dr Carol S Dweck)
  • reflection
  • clarifying my goals
  • practicing gratitude

All these practices compound into one moment that could have turn a good day into a bad one if I allowed it to. Give yourself the power to accept what is not within your control and you’ll save yourself high amounts of negative energy.