Caring About Mother Earth. Vegan Edition

Photo by Aleksandar Kanizaj

February is a good month to anticipate all the greenery and warmth that people in some parts of the wold are experiencing for the first time this year. It’s as good of a reason of appreciation for the gifts that we’re receiving in abundance:

  • rain and sun for generous crops
  • perfect temperatures for our species
  • shelter

We sometimes forget that our mother, Mother Earth that is, she’s not parenting only our species. We sometimes act like children seeking attention who instead of teasing our siblings we straight up chop them, boil them and consume them. That’s the worst case scenario. Milder versions include eating breast milk from new moms and the ‘eggs’ of not yet formed beings.

February is a good month to share more of the overall resources that we have and think through decisions that we might have never ran them through our mind’s filter.

We are all earthers. Wearing clothes doesn’t make us superior, generosity does.

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