Seeing Value in People

Photo by Sam Manns

‘Friends for life’ is a concept that doesn’t account for how time and experience might impact a person. There is consideration to be given to selecting the people in our lives on a regular basis. Do they bring the best in you? Do they share ideas and views you otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to? Are they respectful and supportive of you?

Friendship means less boundaries, which in a time of growth and trying to understand yourself can be detrimental. With people being busy projecting their first impressions or an idea of you, they fail. They don’t observe, understand and appreciate how you have changed, how far you have come.

The expectation of friends for life without putting in the effort to understand people and revive relationships is flawed. Anything that lasts a lifetime is happening in the present moment and will happen every single day to come, until you can sit on the edge of a beautifully lived existence, look back and appreciate people. Friends for life are people who’ve left their mark on you, friends you’ll carry within with gratitude. Friends that were friends enough to know when they’ve met their purpose.