Building Success and Building Momentum

Photo by Benedikt Geyer

Going through life with the thought of retirement orients our goals to seeking enjoyment in doing less of what we dislike and more of what we enjoy. But if the goal is just to not do any work at all, we are self-sabotaging. In order to feel satisfied we need security and growth. Growth requires that we move outside of our comfort zone. It is growth that gives us satisfaction.

When we see busy people we sometimes see people who need to work harder. People who don’t have the luxury to do nothing all day. Similarly how in some cultures being on the heavy side equals being healthy, the science doesn’t back up the collective belief that time is conquered when you have plenty of it and nothing to spend it on.

Engaging in opportunities, talking to people, taking risks – every new endeavor accounts to the success that we want to create, to the happiness we are pursuing. When people tell you to slow down, unless there are serious concerns which you should address, take it as words of encouragement. You’re going farther and faster than those around you. You only need to keep up with yourself.