Message Failed to Deliver. It’s not What, but How

Photo by Keagan Henman

With the best intentions at heart our feedback can generate adversity. It’s as if there are elements to communication that we are aware of only when directed at us.

Our inability to send the wrong message is referred to as social skills or soft skills. Soft skills are not intuitively built. Like any other skill, it takes observing behaviors and copying it. Labeling our peers as ‘people person’ assumes that no deliberate effort is being made to ensure healthy and efficient communication.

A good trick might be identifying when you get sloppy in terms of communication. Is it when you’re tired or when you become overly friendly? What is it that makes you believe that it’s okay to put your guard down, send raw information and hope for the best?

In my case, this happens when I don’t pay attention to how I express myself and because I regret it immediately, it’s something that I choose to work on. How about you? Are there any moments when you’re comfortably rude?

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