Do We Get Better Through Feedback or Do We Stay the Same

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny

Feedback should not be about measuring our capabilities in order to fit into a category, but often enough this is what the traditional educational system enables. Getting straight A’s then becomes the goal.

I’ve recently started attending some workshops where the whole point is to learn. It’s not about who knows more or who has more to show off for. It’s simply a learning experience. And it took me a while to get here, in a place where I see self-growth as a priority rather than how others perceive me.

Learning to develop skills is extremely empowering. It changes how I perceive the environment and how I perceive myself in relation to other students. It reminds me that it is easier to point out what goes wrong and is outside of my control, rather than focus on what I have and how to make the most out of it. The educational system is flawed, but the irony is that we need to cultivate smartness to fix it and we have to start learning somewhere.

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