The Concrete Attitude

Photo by Lovie Tey

In our urban lives we expect nature to be when and where it suits us: water in the lake, greenery in the park and plants in pots. To protect out attitude of sealing the earth in layers of concrete we’ve stripped down the ground from positives and turned it into mud.

The concrete attitude reflects our need of being in control and having security. But just as our relationship with Mother Earth got damaged, this attitude is equally detrimental in how we connect with others. It shows our inability of going through mud and washing up afterwards, or taking a jump over a puddle. Simply put, expecting things to go according to plan impacts our resilience.

If you need concrete in your life, leave room for the flowers and wild plants to emerge from the ground. A small crack can bring just enough room for growth.

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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