Small Achievements and Big Dreams

Photo by Sebastian Spindler 

I was recently told that if I want to write a book I should aim to write six or more and the reason being that through different projects we get closer to perfection. When we think of one thing to do – one dissertation, one poem, one painting – we fantasize over a flawless masterpiece.

Rejecting failure leaves no room for progress. If we don’t believe that we have so much more to offer to the world than just one song or business idea, we limit our progress. So if we are to dream big, we should multiply the dream at least by five. And rather than looking at the end goal and measuring the overwhelming distance with our eyes, it’s easier to look for our next few steps into the right direction.

What is the one thing that makes you sit in fear when thinking of even making a start on it? And what are the first small steps you need to take to start moving into the right direction?

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On a journey to overcome self-imposed limitations.

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